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Corporate Authority services business’, corporates and agencies with not only locally sourced and supplied promotional merchandise but also bespoke designed marketing and advertising materials from across the globe. Warehousing and distribution requirements bring this entire process in reach of all companies looking to market their brands with fresh new ideas and products with a point of difference.


Corporate Authority also supplies corporates with uniforms, consumable lines and in some cases the actual products they sell.

This is achieved through its manufacturing relationships with factories all across the globe.


With more than 18 years experience, Jacques Nuttall oversees the Corporate Authority team which consists of 80 years combined experience in the industry. 

Specialising in the supply of goods from abroad, offering clients an end to end solution including the conceptualisation, sampling, manufacturing, importing and distribution of marketing, merchandise and advertising materials. Many customers use this experience to launch new marketing initiatives or manufacture core product lines.


Apart from custom designed, offshore produced or locally supplied merchandise, Corporate Authority offer a fresh approach to promotional and merchandise supply. We believe in sharing methods to reduce the impact of products environmentally, teaching what materials are more favourable, off-setting the carbon footprint and ethically sourcing.


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Corporate Authority is proud to be an Australian distributor of promotional and brandable merchandise. We strive to collaborate and educate our clients, working environmentally to make change. Let's collaborate.

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