We are often asked why promotional backpacks are so popular as a giveaway, corporate gift or marketing item. With some styles selling tens of thousands of units, the consensus is that this product offers some very fundamental advantages in the area of brand promotion for many companies, clubs and organisations alike. Most of our clients use at least one style of backpack in their marketing and promotional range. There is also the opportunity to design your own custom backpack.


Unique characteristics of backpacks making them suitable for brand promotion include:

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Unique characteristics of backpacks:


  • Longevity - A good quality promotional backpack can and should last 10 years, offering maximum brand exposure for the purchaser.

  • Cost Effective - Backpacks can be fairly simple in design translating into a cost effective product and options are available to suit all budgets.

  • Quality & Style - In the same way complex and custom backpacks although more expensive, can offer unlimited features for clients with a discerning taste for quality and style.

  • Highly Brandable - Promotional backpacks offer large branding areas to convey your brand and message to your target market.

  • Usefulness - We give promotional backpacks a 5-Star rating in the usefulness category. The often simple yet useful backpack rarely gets thrown out and transcends age and gender, used everywhere from sport events, training, travel, school, team building, days at the beach, walks in the wild and corporate gifts.

  • Wide Variety - Promotional backpacks are offered in a variety of materials, giving the corporate company many options to meet their specific needs and budget.


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