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Quick fire merchandise

There is always an event, marketing activation, staff requirement or the like that needs merchandise supplied on quick turn-around. Corporate Authority has an extensive supplier base to fulfil all these requirements, to meet your deadline. Speak with us today!


  • Apparel

  • Bags

  • Drinkware

  • Leisure goods

  • Jackets

  • Headwear

  • Lifestyle

  • Novelty

  • Stationery

  • Technology

  • Quick turnaround custom produced ranges.

Sourcing & Supply

Many products used and required in today’s marketing mix, online sales, consumable stores and staff requirements are manufactured both locally and offshore, yet hard to come by and often supplied through a long list of intermediaries.


Corporate Authority prides itself in supplying these products to you end to end, by removing the numerous middle men in the chain, leading to two major benefits namely; cost reduction and the ability to customise based on your personal or business preferences.


Our sourcing capabilities come with 50 years plus experience and we follow the criteria set out by our clients, supplying according to the values and standards as needed to meet all clients requirements. Including but not limited to ethical sourcing standards, ethical manufacturing practises, sustainable material use and carbon neutral programmes.


Corporate Authority assists and guides clients to understand these criteria to help lessen the impact environmentally, allowing a clear view of the supply chain process and options available to meet various budgets, dead lines and standards.


Bespoke Creative and design

As clients learn about the supply chain process and the benefits of controlling this aspect of their product supply, Corporate Authority uses it vast experience to help customers not only design and customise products from pens and clothing, but also to create, design and produce new ideas into products, unique and to specification to fit the clients corporate needs.


The spectrum of bespoke design and supply stretches over all FMCG products from electronics, marketing, promotion and stationery to name a few.

Corporate Authority produce both locally and out of countries including but not limited to China, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Brazil, The United States and Europe.


This end to end process involves understanding what the client would like to spend, what the goals of the product are ie target market or purpose of use and dates required to help us decide on best path of production,  shipping and distribution to various locations or warehousing in our facilities for later use.


As Corporate Authority has a philosophy of “doing difficult things easily”,  our proven processes and 3rd party inspections makes the creation and delivery of new products in reach of all businesses.


warehousing,collation & Distribution

Goods and products produced & supplied both by us and our clients usually form part of a bigger project and need to be collated together with other elements be it a show-bag, backpack, gift or brochure before dispatch. In cases where products need to be on hand for an event, staff clothing and uniform programmes or just over flow merchandise and marketing materials, Corporate Authority makes provision for the storage, collation and distribution thereof on behalf of clients. Ready as and when they need it.


This comes in especially useful where distribution is required in various locations both metro and regional, avoiding the process having to take place within the corporate office by staff.