Being less wasteful one cup at a time.

We all love a cuppa joe, tea, hot chocolate or a ice cold drink. No matter which your preference, we all order these day in and day out at a sometimes budget bending rate.

It is this habit or trend that causes us to use approximately one billion disposable cups a year, that's 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 cups of whatever your preference, annually.

However we are starting to make some changes to our once wayward behaviour.

#reusable #cups it seems, have become not only acceptable but somewhat cool to rock up at the coffee shop with, and some spots even give you a discount when doing so.

So much choice...

So here's the nuts and bolts of our article. With so much choice what do we use and what do we give to our customers.

Let's break it into a few variables: Price, style/ergonomics/practicality, durability and environmental impact.

Pricing - really determines the quality, however when looking through our selection even the entry level price points did exactly what they said. Because there is a wide range of price points there is basically a cup for every budget.

Style, ergonomics and practicality - Our style winner goes to these two options finished in brushed stainless steel.

They fit nicely into the car cup holder and they come with and without a closing mechanism respectively.

Brands up nicely with a laser engrave or a print and has a nice clean feel to it.

From a durability perspective these two come up trumps. As they are pretty much unbreakable.

The winning factor though is the vacuum insulation, meaning there is an air vacuum between the inner and outer wall. This ensures warm drinks stay warm and cold drinks stay cold longer. Thats 5 hours for warm drinks and 15 hours for cold drinks!

Ergonomically this little chap came up weakest, as the closing mechanism when in the open position pushes against your nose making drinking a little difficult. However one feature that was welcomed was the handle on the top to carry it. Folding up when needed.

All the cups we tested were very durable. The solid plastic ones were not as well insulated, but were pretty much indestructible. The glass options naturally were the least durable to a hard floor drop, but they stand out in other areas of longevity in terms of staying scratch free even over persistent use.

Summation: Ultimately the style of the cup is what will pull most users. What catches their eye will win over insulation or durability. Let's face it, who buys a coffee to store it for 5 hours?

In closing, our last factor was the environmental impact. I wanted to leave this till last. If you don't buy something it cannot go to waste. So that wins over reuse or recycle. If you have to buy, then you want to go the reuse route as recycling uses a lot of energy.

It doesn't really matter which cup you buy as long as you plan to use it for a long time. The longer you use it the better for the environment and when it's time to move on, make sure you recycle.

When buying as a gift or promotional item, apply all the above rules to your purchase and slowly we will make a difference one cup at a time...join the movement today.

If you have any questions, drop us a email

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