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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

A little while ago I was given a very simple brief. It went something like this. "Produce a product that will remind our demographic of our product on a daily basis" Naturally the only question I had was "define the demographic?" With that piece of information provided my team and I studied the clients product.

The clients product...

With a bit of deliberation and brainstorming we provided the client with a storyboard of various ideas.

These ideas always pivot around a few basic points namely; when is the required delivery date, how many units will be manufactured and what is the ideal budget on the project.

We all agreed that a product that can be used in the kitchen would best suit our needs. A core rule we use when creating a bespoke product is how we can make the best product in the category? Meaning when the receiver has it in hand, it doesn't go into a draw or even worse the bin. The age old adage of bang for buck comes to mind. I mean let's face it, we are not reinventing the wheel, nope just making the best looking wheel out there.

With the demographic, budget and concept all locked in, you will agree with me this is a gem of a final product.

A simple cost efficient FM radio which appeals to the demographic. The acid test is how the product is received and happy to report we got the thumbs up.

Very often, having access to a new concept sparks a variety of ideas and new marketing opportunities. I am guessing many of you are right now thinking where you could use this very product. That said though, we have many ideas that you only get to experience when you give us a brief. Why you may ask? Well in order to keep your idea beneficial to you and your brand or client, we don't advertise all our intellectual property and ideas. Call us and let us wow you with great concepts or reach us on

I think we nailed this, and our clients concept will be seen in the kitchen and around the house on a daily basis.

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