Marketing Merch Has Progressed. Are you embracing it?

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

How much has changed in recent years around business and how to market the services and products it sells. We now have roles for social influencers and social media managers. All of these were non existent just a few years ago.

In the same way so has the promotion of our business when it comes to tangible marketing products and even more so for the dreaded "Promotional Product". This phrase "Promotional Products" sends a shiver down my spine as I have flashbacks of cheap pens, useless notebooks and let's not forget the ruler. Although these were all revolutionary in their time, things have changed.

The reality of the matter is that yes, a business might still need a pen but the marketing value of the pen only goes so far when everyone is typing away on their Macbook. If you need to have a pen make sure it stands out!

So marketing products have evolved to include the collaboration of marketing a service and or product and function. Yes real function. Marketeers that are stuck in the past will be missing out on many products available for them to tap into for brand growth.

The world has become much more accessible and this has led to the customisation of products which really aids the brand professional. Custom product can now be manufactured by specialist factories to very reasonable minimum quantities. With the right collaborating partner you can have access to an endless array of creative and standout products.

How different you are going to be now depends largely on who you are collaborating with. The run of the mill promotional products might now have run their course and may need to be laid down to rest. At least if you want to stand out in the market.

Take an idea, scribble it down, snap a pic and voila you are on the way to creating an amazing product for your brand exposure. Keep it functional and always make sure your idea is the best in its class. That way the receiver uses yours over your competitors branded product, giving you bang for your marketing buck.

For more information on product design, production, shipping or distribution globally, reach out to us at We will be happy to assist you in making that marketing campaign amazing.

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