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Updated: Jan 29

Question: Being in charge of brand means constantly monitoring the ways and places people use your logo, including promotional products and merchandise. One conundrum often faced is regarding inventory featuring old/outdated branding. You don't want these items out there in the universe (even when you donate them, SOMEONE - maybe not your employee or client - but someone somewhere will be walking around with that t-shirt or mug), but you also don't want to simply "throw out" perfectly good merchandise. What's the solution? Build an office sculpture out of them? #branding #merchandise

Our Answer: As an environmentally conscious manufacturer of promotional merchandise, we often get this question. You have to look at it like this in a logical way and here is an example. Lets say you made up a t-shirt in 2016 and gave out 800 units to clients at the time of a total 1000 that you purchased. It's now 2020, and you have 200 that are out of date. At the time of manufacturing these 2016 t-shirts, they were up to date and approved for production. If you manufactured a decent good quality t-shirt, then your clients will still be wearing it today. So the old, outdated design in your logo and branding is still being displayed and marketed by your clients. You should be proud of this, brands evolve and mature over time, we all know this. How cool is that old "Mini Cooper" t-shirt! This then answers the question of the remaining 200 shirts. Donate them, be proud of you brand heritage. The person receiving it may not have had a new t-shirts in years. You still have 800 units out there in one way or another, so not wanting another 200 out there comes in direct conflict with the original purpose of purchasing and distributing them. If your promotional merchandise has a defect, cannot clothe someone or cannot be used under any circumstance then recycle the material. :-)



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