The humble straw, not so humble anymore...

Back in the day and that day is different for all of us, straws were plastic and in a sheath of paper. Nowadays there is a severe and drastic move away from straws by all due to the environmental impact.

It is believed that even with the humble little plastic tube breaking down in the elements of nature , this very plastic in its tiniest form lands up in the food chain which in turn gets consumed by humans.

It's nice to see how the new move with recycled paper straws and the reusable straw (above) as tested here by us at Corporate Authority is making its mark in everyday life. This time with a positive outcome.

We tested this stainless steel reusable straw set with a variety of drinks and it worked a charm. Even with a slushy/slurpee which the kids have at least a few times a week they work really well. And when you are done, it feels great to have not contributed to the waste cycle. Remember reduce trumps recycle and reuse!

This set comes with a cotton bag which is 100% biodegradable and has a nice branding area.

The straws themselves are stainless steel and comes conveniently with a cleaning brush. Nice and compact ideal for your backpack or handbag.

We rate this product a 9/10. Very classy and really a great gift or corporate message. I mean, who will throw this away? Importantly thats what we are looking for, bang for our marketing buck.

Below are a few other variations on the same idea. As with this stainless steal straw, all are available through us and you can enquire on price based on your specific quantity. Minimums may apply but check in and we will tailor a straw to your needs.

Bamboo Reusable Straws

Silicone Reusable Straws

Compact Key Ring Foldable Straw

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