The #promotionalt-shirt is the rock-star of the promotional merchandise range. Quality t-shirts elevate brands to new heights with their expansive branding areas. With styles being as fashionable as they are, companies, clubs and teams can gain trendy brand exposure without compromising on quality and looks. From unisex  promotional t-shirts, mens, ladies and kids promotional t-shirts to crop tops, tall cuts, long sleeves or singlets, fitted cuts and more, we will get your brand visible.

There is also the opportunity to design your own custom promotional t-shirt.


Unique characteristics of promotional t-shirts for brand promotion include:

Unique characteristics of hoodies and sweaters:


  • Longevity - A good quality promotional t-shirt can and should last 5 years, offering maximum brand exposure.

  • Timelessness - T-shirts are one of those core promotional products that everyone wears and no-one wants to get rid of!

  • Quality & Style - Even the most cost effective promotional t-shirt can and should offer good quality. This is particularly important when associating it with your brand. Many styles resemble current fashion trends keeping your brand stylishly ahead of the competition.

  • Highly Brandable - T-shirts offer large branding areas to expose your brand and convey your message to your target market, be it for an event or promotion.

  • Usefulness - We give promotional t-shirts a 5-Star rating in the usefulness category.

  • Wide Variety - From off the shelf options to custom designs, the promotional t-shirt can be delivered to meet your exacting criteria.

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